IMBM Examination Board

The Examination Board of Institute of Maritime & Business Management comprises the following members:

A. Mr Shaik Noorej Jamal – Chairman
 Master of Science (Management), Honours, National University of Ireland, Dublin (2008)
B. Mr Vickneasvaran s/o TR – Member
 Master of Business Administration, University of Strathclyde (2000)
C. Ms Janice Mong – Member
Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration), Honours, University of Portsmouth (2013)

The IMBM Examinations Board performs the following functions:

i) Regulate all policies and procedures with regard to the Courses Examinations of the IMBM including the security and moderation of examination papers and answers scripts.

ii) Facilitate the proper conduct of the examinations and assessments.

iii) Ensuring that Lecturers/Teachers follow proper assessment method and general ‘marking’ guidelines.

iv) Appointment of Invigilators and providing guidelines for Invigilation.

v) Defining the ‘model’ for the assessment method and vetting all examination papers prior to the date of the examination.

vi) Ensuring students appearing for the examinations are qualified under the rules of the Institute to take the examinations.

vii) Act as avenue for students appeal against ‘fail’ grades or grades that are below students expectation.

viii) Conduct regular meetings to update on latest information provided by the Lecturers/Teachers on the progress of the Courses.