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The maritime business and logistics courses at the Institute of Maritime & Business Management (IMBM) are designed to give students insights into the best practices of the industry (core subjects) with a business focus. The maritime business in Singapore contributes about 7% to 8% to the country’s GDP and is a significant industry which is on a growth trajectory. The IMBM courses are expected to improve skills level of industry people as changes are occurring often which require knowledge upgrade.

Course Title Duration Sessions Per Week Hours Per Session (6.30-9.30pm)
Certificate in Maritime Studies (CMS)* 5 months Twice 3 hours
Certificate in Supply Chain Management (CSM) 5 months Twice 3 hours
Certificate in Business Management (CBM) 5 months Twice 3 hours
Certificate in Maritime Studies (CMS) Express* 3 months Thrice 3 hours
Diploma in Maritime Studies (DIMS)* 12 months Twice 3 hours
Diploma in Maritime Studies (DIMS) – Express* 7 months Thrice 3 hours
Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (DLSC) / DLSC (Express) 12 months / 6 months Twice / Thrice  3 hours
Diploma in Business Management (DIBM) 12 months Twice 3 hours
Diploma in Maritime and Logistics Management (DMLM) 12 months Twice 3 hours
Advanced Diploma in Maritime and Logistics Management (ADML) 18 months / *6 Months *(Progression) Twice 3 hours
IMBM Short Courses (Online mode vailable too) 1 to 2 Days
* – current popular courses

Entry Requirements:

1 Certificate level:

GCE “N” level with passes for 3 subjects including English or National ITE Certificate (NITEC)
At least 2 years working experience in lieu of entry qualification..

2 Diploma :

IMBM Certificate, GCE 3 O level subjects including English, Higher NItec or equivalent qualifications.

3 Advanced Diploma:

IMBM Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma, GCE A level (with 2 A level subjects),
5 GCE O level subjects including English or equivalent qualifications

Course Brochures

CMS Download IMBM CMS Brochure 2017
CMS Express Download IMBM CMS Express 2017
CSM Download IMBM CSM Brochure 2017
CBM Download IMBM CBM Brochure 2017
DIMS Download IMBM DIMS Brochure 2017
DIMS Express Download IMBM DIMS Express Brochure 2017
DLSC Download IMBM DLSC Brochure 2017
DIBM Download IMBM DIBM Brochure 2017
DMLM Download IMBM DMLM Brochure 2017
ADML Download IMBM ADML Brochure 2017
IMBM Short Courses  Download IMBM Short Courses 2017
DLSC (Express) Contact IMBM Office
Maritime Port Authority of Singapore’s (MPA) Maritime Cluster Grant (MCF) of 90% claimable for all Maritime Studies Programs (incl. progression level) for eligible students (*Up to 90% MCF grant till June 2021). Contact IMBM Office & refer to for information.

a. Course Delivery

For each subject comprising 8 lessons, there will be a combination of lectures and tutorials to be conducted via onsite (face to face) and some via e-learning mode.

b. Requirements for graduation in respect of every course

For the Certificate course, the method of assessment is based entirely on written examination of both Multiple Choice Questions and Short Answer Questions – this assessment method is also applicable for 3 subjects of 8 for Diploma course.

The method of assessment for the Diploma course is a mixture of written examination comprising of both Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) & Short Answer Questions for 3 subjects of 8 with the remaining 5 subjects to be assessed via both Non-classroom Examination (NCE)(with basic research & analysis required from the candidates) and Multiple Choice examination for each subject.  The assessment format with the balance of 20 marks for class attendance and participation as shown below:

Assessment Format Certificate Level  Diploma Course (Incl. Progression  from Certificate level)
i) Multiple Choice questions (MCQs)*

*also applicable for 3 subjects of 8 at Diploma level

60 marks -35 marks^

^for 5 subjects of 8

ii) Questions requiring short answers*

*also applicable for 3 subjects of 8 at Diploma level

20 marks -NA for 3 subjects of 8
iii) Non-classroom Examination (NCE)*

*for 5 subjects of 8 at Diploma level incl. progression level from Certificate course. NCE papers (typewritten & hard copies) must be submitted to the Institute before sitting of the MCQ examination paper. Refer to the Institute/exam instructions for  details.

– NA for 3 subjects of 8 – 45 marks*

*for 5 subjects of 8 incl. progression from Certificate level

iii) Class attendance -8 marks -8 marks
iv) Class participation – 12 marks – 12 marks

Student taking the course must obtain a minimum of 41 marks for a marginal pass (Grade D) for all subjects in the course which they have enrolled in order for them to be awarded the certificate/diploma. In the event that the student fails a subject, he is required to take a supplementary for the subject. In this instance, a Supplementary Pass (SP) grade which is non-graded will be awarded.

For students progressing from Certificate to Diploma course, they must obtain at least a Credit – grade ‘B’ (61-70 marks) and 2 credit pass – grade ‘C’ (51-60 marks). The minimum marks of 163 out of a possible 300 (54%) is required.

For Diploma students aspiring to take up the Advanced Diploma in Maritime & Logistics Management course, they have to obtain the following grades/marks:

2 ‘B+’ – 71 – 80 marks min: 142 max: 160 marks

2 ‘B’ – 61 – 70 marks min: 122 max: 140 marks

4 ‘C’ – 51 – 60 marks min: 204 max: 240 marks

The minimum marks of 468 out of a possible 800 (58%) is required.


Download IMBM Course Registration Form

Download CPE Advisory Note

Download IMBM Short Courses Registration Form

Course Progression

Deployment of Teachers

Teachers deployed at IMBM are notified to the CPE to ensure compliance with the Private Education Regulations 2009. The teachers’ deployment by courses and subjects are as follows:

CMS Download CMS Teachers’ Deployment
CMS Express Download CMS Express Teachers’ Deployment
CSM Download CSM Teachers’ Deployment
CBM Download CBM Teachers’ Deployment
DIMS Download DIMS Teachers’ Deployment
DIMS Express Download DIMS Express Teachers’ Deployment
DLSC Download DLSC Teachers’ Deployment
DIBM Download IMBM DIBM Teachers’ Deployment
DMLM Download IMBM DMLM Teachers’ Deployment
ADML Download IMBM ADML Teachers’ Deployment

Deployment List Updated: As at June 2017